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Reduce Labor Costs


Why you can save money by installing removable insulation blankets.

Reduce Labor Costs: Today’s steam turbines and mechanical equipment require more consistent routine upkeep than their ancestors. Because of this, Maintenance Mangers are faced with the overwhelming task of planning for repairs. Plant Managers and their teams need frequent access to mechanical valves, flanges and steam turbines for routine planned maintenance. Our customers save money because they spend fewer labor hours removing and reinstalling our insulation blankets after routine maintenance cycles.

Our customers save money every time the insulation blankets are removed and reinstalled after unplanned turbine repairs. In fact, the more often the insulation is removed and replaced the greater the labor cost savings.

Our current customers know why they install Coverflex removable insulation blankets. Customers just like you are showing an average labor cost savings of nearly $100 per flange and even more for larger mechanical equipment and turbines. One of our Gulf Coast Refinery customers totaled their labor cost savings to $100,000 for single maintenance cycle of 1000 flanges. We go into more detail about how installing removable insulation blankets can save you in labor costs vs conventional insulation in another article.

Removable custom fit insulation blankets allow for a reduction in labor costs because the insulation is replaceable and reused overtime.

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