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Product Insulation

Quality Design & Fabrication

Product Insulation: Our Insulation Systems are custom designed for each individual application and meets thermal boundary conditions, noise emission and OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit requirements. Custom Removable Insulation Blankets are designed to accurately fit, preventing heat loss, protect personnel from hot surface equipment and equipment efficiency.

We use Premium quality flexible high temperature resistant fabrics, insulation fillers and an array of fastening options. Coverflex stocks a variety of insulation materials ranging from cryogenic (-50 F below) to refractory (1,200 F & above), for any challenging application or specifications.

Product Insulation

Our design engineers evaluate your project, measure, design and fabricate a custom system to accommodate your needs.

We use an array of flexible high temperature fabrics, insulation fillers and fastening systems, that allow us to fabricate the insulation into simple or complex shapes and sizes. Based on the measurements, Design Engineers create drawings and patterns for fabrication.

Sewn & Hog Ring Construction

Cold Face:
Teflon Impregnated Fiberglass Cloth

Hot Face:
Aluminized Laminated Fiberglass Cloth

Insulation Filler:
2″ Fiberglass Mat

Stainless Steel Thread

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