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Custom Design & Fabrication

Removable Insulation Cover Installation

Coverflex specializes in the fabrication and installation of removable, reusable insulation blankets.


Our field engineers visit your equipment onsite to ensure a precise measurement and help you determine the right materials for your removable insulation cover. Some applications can be made without field measuring, If proper measurements are provided.


Your exact measurement and materials specifications are provided to our design engineers and fabrication is completed in our Houston manufacturing facility.


We offer quick turnarounds and each of our removable insulation blankets and covers are guaranteed to fit and to last.



If needed, our field-engineers return to your site to custom-fit your removable, reusable insulation blanket to ensure an accurate fit.

We can also provide you with training on how to remove and re-install your insulation product or, if you prefer, we will return to your facility to remove your insulation blanket when you need to perform maintenance or a repair, and then re-install it once the job is complete.

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