Reduce Labor Costs - Coverflex Mfg.
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Reduce Labor Costs

The Best Solution for Reducing Labor Cost 

The Coverflex removable insulation blankets save money because they require fewer labor hours to reinstall during maintenance cycles.

For example, when removable blankets are installed on valves, flanges and turbines that require frequent access as part of plant maintenance, the operator saves labor costs every time they are removed and reinstalled. In fact, the more often they are removed and reinstalled, the greater the labor cost savings is realized.

Here is a perfect example of the labor cost savings of removable insulation blankets in action. After a single maintenance cycle with removable insulation blankets estimated a labor cost saving of nearly $65,000 on the installation of 1000 flanges.

In comparison, the same customer showed the average labor cost to remove and replace traditional insulation $25 per hour and take approximately 2500 labor hours in total. Removable custom fit insulation blankets allow for a reduction in labor costs because the insulation is replaceable and reused overtime.