Why Coverflex - Coverflex Mfg.
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Why Coverflex

Learn about our history and work

Our Mission Statement

Founded in 1999, Coverflex is the leading expert in of flexible, reusable and removable insulation products including blankets, jackets covers and enclosures. Our removable insulation products are customized for each application. The removable insulation blankets and jackets are designed for easy removal and re-installation with no special tools. Coverflex is the only sole source provider of removable and reusable insulation blankets.

Sole Source Provider

Coverflex designs, fabricates and installs our reusable, removable insulation blankets and covers with a complete satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians visit your site for custom measurement. We will then fabricate insulation to your specification and provide quality labor to remove and re-install the blankets as needed. If we are given the proper measurements, we can fabricate and ship directly to your job site or facility within 2 weeks. Our reusable insulation covers are used for a number of different cold and hot applications. All of our removable insulation products come with a wide range of performance features custom to your specific needs.

Get Your Insulation Blanket Fast

Coverflex is known for its fast quality turnaround on all our custom removable insulation blankets and cover fabrication projects. Our removable insulation cover specialists and designers work with you to develop customized solutions for your specific application. Our professional design and Engineering staff in our Houston-based manufacturing facility ensure premium product performance through our advanced insulation products manufacturing process.

Top Performance Textiles

Coverflex uses only the top performing high temperature textiles in the manufacturing process. Our removable insulation blankets jackets and covers are all asbestos free and environmentally safe.

Industry Leadership

With 20 years of experience we are the experts in removable reusable insulation blankets. In 2008, Coverflex president Mellanie Askew was elected as the first female president of the Southwest Insulation Contractor Association (SWICA), a membership organization comprised of industrial and commercial insulation and asbestos abatement contractors and their product manufacturers, distributors and suppliers throughout the southwestern United States.

Coverflex is HUB Certified

To view Coverflex’s State of Texas HUB Certification and Compliance Program certificate, click here.