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Industrial Insulation Products

Coverflex insulation products are flexible and vibration-resistant and can even be used for hard-to-access equipment. Removable insulation blankets or covers can be easily removed for periodic inspections or maintenance, and then easily re-installed, making them energy- and cost-effective solutions for industrial applications.

Insulation Products Performance

Coverflex creates custom removable, reusable insulation blankets for instrumentation, equipment, pipes and valves with unique shapes and unusual dimensions for a variety of industries, including: oil and gas, power generation, industrial, marine, construction and more.

Insulation Materials

We use premium quality fiberglass insulation or closed cell foam for standard removable insulation blankets and our conventional insulation projects that can withstand temperatures up to 550°F. For higher temperature removable insulation blankets and covers, we offer Silica Cloth, 2025 cloth and ceramic fiber insulation with temperature ratings from 1000°F to 2300°F.

Our removable insulation blankets are covered with silicone-impregnated fiberglass mat or Teflon Coated Fiberglass Cloth for durability and moisture retardation, and we use Kevlar®, Stainless Steel Thread and Teflon® seam threads for long product life. Our reusable insulation blankets come with a standard silver covering, but custom colors are available as well.


Secure Fasteners

 Our removable insulation blanket fasteners include straps with “D” rings and/or VELCRO® brand hook and loop to overlap seams for a tight seal. Blankets can also be hog ring construction which is laced together with SS tie wire and lacing anchors, depending on your application.

Easy Installation and Removal

Our removable insulation blankets are designed for easy installation and removal, with no special skills required. Coverflex also provides you with the easiest installation plan of all: we do it for you! After we measure for and product your new removable insulation blanket or cover, Coverflex will install it for you. And, when you need to access your equipment for maintenance or repair, Coverflex will remove it and re-install it after the job is finished.


Reusable and Eco-Friendly


Coverflex removable insulation blankets and covers are also reusable, saving you time and money throughout the life of the product and reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources.




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