Industrial Preservation - Coverflex Mfg.
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Industrial Preservation

Safeguarding & Maintenance


Safeguarding your product against damaging elements is vital to maintaining its quality and functionality.  Our services provide an array of options, each tailored specifically to our customers’ needs.  Coverflex can provide peace of mind when it comes to storing or shipping your material, ensuring it will remain true to your standards of quality.

Protect Your Product from Environmental Harm


Not only can corrosion be unsightly, but it can be detrimental to the quality of your product as well!  We want your product to look good, and more importantly, function as it was intended; our preservation products ensure long term protection for up to 18 months, and are easily re- applied for longer periods.  Services we offer include (but are not limited to) the items listed below.

Consider combining these to ensure complete protection.

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 2.20.32 PM

Corrosion Inhibitors


We currently utilize two products that discourage the onset of rust and other corrosive invasions.  An oil-based inhibitor is applied to machined surfaces, hardware, and other susceptible material to prevent oxidation.  In addition, enclosed areas can be protected through the application of a desiccant powder.


This powder is a moisture displacing substance which can be distributed evenly in closed areas, hung in bags throughout an enclosure, or can also be used in combination.

Shrink Wrapping


An all-encompassing option is to have your product wrapped with shrink wrap, which is sealed and shrunk to ensure ease of transportation or storage.  This guarantees the following: Coverage from direct sunlight, protection from moisture, blockage from wind and dust, and acts as a deterrent to third party tampering.


A corrosion inhibiting barrier is also available (if required) for increased moisture control.

Customizable Wooden Enclosures

To protect from the possibility of foreign object entry, Coverflex can assemble and install wood covers or enclosures that are custom made to meet the requirements of your product.  In addition, the enclosures provide a secondary safeguard to moisture control.


This system is typically used in combination with the application of powdered desiccant.

Monitoring Aids

These products allow you to monitor the environment on the interior of your packaged material. In addition, they are programmable and can provide an alert when it is time to re-apply any anti-corrosive products.

To ensure that these aids are easily visible and accessible, we offer options of ‘windows’ to eliminate the need to expose the contents to unwanted elements in the process.  These access windows can be provided with wrapped or wood enclosed options.