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Energy Savings

Install Removable Insulation on Valves and Fitting
The table below summarizes energy savings due to the use of insulating valve covers for a range of valve sizes and operating temperatures. These values were calculated using a computer program that meets the requirements of ASTM C 680—Heat Loss and Surface Temperature Calculations. Energy savings is defined as the difference in heat loss between the uninsulated valve and the insulated valve operating at the same temperature.


*Based on installation of a 1-inch thick insulating pad on an ANSI 150-pound-class flanged valve with an ambient temperature of 65°F and zero wind speed.

Learn more about the energy saving benefits of Coverflex removable insulation blankets as featured in Gas Technology Magazine.

View the video from Southwest Insulation Contractors Association Overview about the energy saving benefits of Coverflex’s insulation.

Energy Tips

Insulate Steam Distribution and Condensate Return Lines

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