Cost Savings of Removable Insulation Blankets - Coverflex Mfg.
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Cost Savings of Removable Insulation Blankets

Cost Savings of Removable Insulation Blankets

Decreased energy expenses and a reduction in labor costs are associated equipment insulated with removable insulation blankets. The custom insulation jackets are installed on valves, flanges, pipes, gas turbines, steam turbines and instrument panels. Because the insulation is removable labor costs are reduced because the equipment follows a routine maintenance schedule. When the insulation is removed very little downtime is realized because the removable insulation is replaceable quickly and efficiently. To ensure the equipment is re-insulated properly after a maintenance cycle owners, plant managers and plant engineers should purchase removable insulation blankets for those valves and flanges and other frequently maintained equipment instead of traditional insulation. Due to the cost of energy and labor the investment will quickly contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Energy Cost Savings

Refineries, chemical plants and energy plants are the most common customers purchasing removable insulation blankets today. Thermal energy is harnessed and used to operate the facility. Plants understand that insulation blanket or jackets reduce excess heat loss. The expense to have custom replaceable insulation installed literally pays for itself by reducing energy costs to a commercial facility. Its clear customizable removable insulation blankets or jackets save money by reducing heat loss.

So now you might be asking yourself if as a any case studies exist showing the cost savings result of installing Custom Removable Insulation Blankets? Coverflex has partnered with oil refineries and installing custom insulation blankets chemical plants all over the world to help them save money by reducing labor and energy costs. This case study comparing removable blankets versus traditional insulation showed a $69,000 savings in cost after the very first maintenance cycle. The return on investment (ROI) on purchasing removable insulation blankets is rapid. Often the ROI is realized before the installation of the new removable insulation is complete. Energy efficiencies of 95 percent were achieved on surfaces that were 600degrees when the removable insulation was properly installed in commercial facilities.