Removable Insulation Blankets - Reduce Energy & Labor Cost
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Reduce Labor Cost

You will decrease your labor costs after one maintenance cycle with Coverflex custom removable insulation blankets and covers. Coverflex hot and cold insulation blankets are perfect for valves, flanges, pipes and turbines.

Reduce Downtime

When you buy Coverflex custom removable insulation jackets you will save money on plant maintenance costs. Coverflex removable and reusable insulation blankets are installed fast helping you avoid expensive downtime.


Importance of Insulating Turbines
When turbines convert vaporized water into motion the engines heat up. This heat energy can be lost if the turbine isn’t properly insulated. This will cause the turbine to run inefficiently creating a less than optimal situation in regards to energy efficiency. So how does a plant conserve energy and reduce the heat loss from turbines? Install custom removable and reusable insulation designed by Coverflex.
Minimize Heat Loss

Heat loss is the number one reason turbines utilize more energy to perform their duties. When the heat is contained with a custom removable insulation blanket the turbine runs efficiently and consumes less energy. If the insulation is designed and installed properly lower energy consumption can be expected. The savings can be more than $100,000 depending on the size of the project and how many turbines,flanges and pipes are insulated.

Energy Savings
The expense to have custom replaceable insulation installed pays for itself. Plant Managers and Engineers are reducing energy costs within commercial facilities by partnering with Coverflex. When Coverflex designs and installs a customized removable insulation blanket or jacket project the savings is realized after a single maintenance cycle. Coverflex is the the only sole source provider of custom removable insulation blankets. We guarantee our work and your cost savings.
Outstanding ROI

Our case studies show current customers just like you are seeing energy efficiencies of 95% on surfaces that are ≥600 degrees when removable insulation was properly installed. Whether the application is hot or cold, Coverflex has you covered. Our removable insulation is custom designed for a perfect fit in order to achieve effectiveness resulting in maximum cost savings to your bottom line.

Calculating Heat Loss

Understanding how to calculate heat loss is the first step towards realizing the overall benefit that custom removable insulation blankets can have on your steam pipes, turbines, flanges and overall facility. Contact Coverflex today and allow us to perform a free energy study for your facility.

Easy as 1-2-3.

Realizing the need for removable insulation blankets is the first step to saving money. We can talk quality all day long. But where the rubber meets the road is in the cost savings you will realize. If you are planning for preventative maintenance or you are concerned with energy consumption and plant downtime. Let Coverflex perform a free energy study at your location. We will prove that installing Coverflex removable insulation jackets and covers is a smart financial decision. We will design, manufacture and install a custom removable insulation solution for you in 2 weeks.

Removable Insulation Solutions that Cover Your Demands!

No One Has You Covered Like Coverflex

Coverflex is the only single source supplier of removable, custom insulation blankets, jackets and covers. We provide on-site service technicians to measure your steam turbines, gas turbines, flanges, pipe components, gate valves, globe valves, PRVs, steam traps, and unions for a custom perfect fit. Coverflex with return to perform the professional installation. We guarantee your removable insulation jacket and cover is fitted exactly to your  specification.


We know the 2 major challenges facing Plant Engineers and Mangers. Scheduling preventative maintenance and minimizing plant downtime. When you need access to your equipment for maintenance or repair, we’ll remove your reusable insulation blankets, covers and jackets. Then we will re-install the insulation after you’ve finished the job. We want to be part of your team. That’s a Coverflex promise.

Time is Money


Because Coverflex removable insulation blankets, jackets and covers are custom designed to your equipment specs, we are able to reinstall the insulation fast after your routine plant maintenance. When a turbine is not running it costs you time and money. We understand this.


Coverflex has a fast turnaround time in the industry. This will save you money.


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